Empty House

A relationship decays within the confines of a decrepit house. The structure seeps with blackness as a woman’s corrupted soul infects her beloved. At once, the lovely union transpires into broken solidarity as the monster she yearns to hide reveals itself.

High Strung

In this dark comedy, Tommy plays Jesse, a young composer on a tight deadline to create a theme song that could be the big break he’s been looking for

First and Last

Tommy and Jon Cowart co-wrote and starred in First & Last. The plot develops around a dying father who needs to take one last hike with his son.


Tommy plays the victim, who is held captive in a surreal, subconscious realm by an alien-like man who surgically alters his vision. A mysterious and animalistic woman saves him, transporting him into the wild where he learns to regain his perception on reality.

Moses Cove

Tommy is Eli, a meth addict, who is faced with a moral decision when someone he knows falls into the hands of his drug dealers.

Neverending Lullaby

In this adorable stop-motion short, Tommy plays a boy, who meets a girl, falls in love and…

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